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Holiday in Ooty: Things to buy & Travel Tips

The charming beauty and enthralling landscapes of Ooty are making the destination increasingly popular among tourists. We told you about must-see places in Ooty before. This time, Nikita Chawla tells you about things you must buy from the hill station. Plus, there are some tips for a memorable holiday in Ooty.

holiday in ooty

Tea – Ooty is well known for its rich tea estates. One should definitely buy a packet of tea. From cardamom tea to chocolate tea to herbal tea, you have array of tea varieties to choose from.

Spices – Cardamom, pepper corns, cinnamon, are another must buy

Chocolates When in Ooty, one definitely cannot go home without these delicious pieces of happiness. Milk chocolate, white chocolate, butterscotch, fruit and nut, rice are some of the varieties of chocolates available. Almost every other shop at the Charing Cross market has variety chocolates for sale. The chocolates are priced at Rs. 60 onwards.

Essential Oils – Ooty is also well known for essential oils. The tourist could pick from a range of herbal, medicinal and pain reliving oils.

Shawls & Knit wear – The Tibetan market is famous for its gorgeous shawls and knit wear. These striking shawls are available in different shades, hues, designs, embroidery, prints and fabric.

Scarfs & stoles – A wide range of stoles are available in the various shops at Commercial Road. The prices depend upon the type of material you choose.

Fruits & Veggies – Ooty never fails to mesmerise you any time of the year you desire to visit. Their carrots and apples are the yummiest! Whether it’s the gorgeous Doddabetta range or the streets of the bustling Charring Cross market, you definitely cannot miss the fresh, juicy and bright orange carrots!


Important Travel Tips for a holiday in Ooty

  • Since Ooty has a lot to offer for both leisure and adventure traveller, plan your itinerary accordingly. Read well about the areas of interest while planning the trip. Make sure you have alternate options available in case you have to avoid your visit to a particular place.
  • Ooty is chill most of the year, ensure you carry enough warm wear and travel sneakers.
  • To avoid having dry skin, carry a moisturiser and a lip balm in your travel kit.
  • Ensure you travel light. To manage too much luggage might end up being a task.
  • Carry your ID proofs and photo copies of the same as you might require to produce them at the railways and hotel check-in formalities.
  • Make sure you carry sufficient cash along with your ATM cards to ensure smooth transactions while indulging in street and retail shopping. Majority shops in the markets, do not entertain bargaining and sell articles at a fixed rate.
  • Carry a medical kit comprising general medicines, Dettol and mosquito repellent.  
  • While visiting the markets, do your homework regarding approximate price of the articles you wish to buy so as to avoid paying excess price for the same.
  • Ensure you stay hydrated. You might not feel the need to have water but have water anyway.
  • Strike conversations with the locals asking suggestions to explore. They’re the friendliest and warmest lot you’d come across. Most of the residents are fluent in Tamil, English and Hindi.
  • In the quest to cover more places, do not forget to take time out for yourself. The idea of the trip is to unwind and appreciate God’s slice of nirvana.


Purva is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. A journalist with 11 years of experience, she also freelances as a content writer & editor.

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