Goa Diaries I: Of low cost airline & luxury villa!

A Cloud Ship Anchoring at Baga, Goa

My first trip to Goa: five words that fill me up with excitement. Yes, you might feel sorry for me considering what a gem of a destination Goa is, but off late I am trying really hard to see the glass as half full. So read on and join me in my excitement.

AirAsia: How Cheap!

We did a common cab from here. Collecting family across Delhi, we reached the airport singing songs, having high hopes and hopes of getting high! Our flight was Air Asia, the cheapest flight on offer these days. Just wish that they didn’t make it feel that cheap.

The way the air-hostesses shout at you for getting up from your seat reminds me of my school assembly hall. “Lady in blue shirt, sit down!” the second someone got up from the seat. Yes, it is annoying when people rush the moment airplane lands but no, shouting is not okay! Also, the behaviour throughout the flight wasn’t very polite.

The food was good though. My verdict- eat your meal and doze off- that’s the best way you want to handle Air Asia.


The Villa: Purva Sky (Sea Breeze Villa, Anjuna, Bardez)

villa holiday in Goa
Purva Sky Villa, Goa

Not only was I excited about Goa, the party state of the nation, but also due the fact that we were being accommodated by the Purva-Sky Villas in North Goa. (We booked it through The Weekend Plan, which offers vacation villas on rent in Maharashtra and Goa.) We chose renting a villa over staying at a hotel because we wanted an exclusive experience.

A villa with four luxuriously spaced air-conditioned bedrooms, personal swimming pool, garden area, cook-on-call and amazing greenery all around. The villa had me all excited.

Our villa was in North Goa, about 50 kms from the airport. The cab, an Innova, costs about Rs 1600. So a two and a half hour flight and a one and a half hour drive later we finally reached our destination.

We were welcomed at our vacation villa by sun-kissed hard-working faces all decorated with pleasant smiles. The villa itself looked very promising. A neat and clean property, a well maintained pool, all gave a very professional perspective. The condition of the villa stated clearly that these folks take their job seriously.

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There was ample room for the kids to run around. The villa also had a make shift gym just in case you wanted to burn those few extra pounds you may have put on. But the highlight is the swimming pool. The privacy offered and the luxury of jumping in whenever you want, no questions asked is just too much fun. I jumped in with my clothes. Imagine doing that at a hotel.

That’s the fun of renting your own villa. You might think it’s expensive but the “I make my own rules” feeling is tough to put a price tag on. And considering you won’t be renting it out alone but with other family members would help you crunch those numbers better. I mean a villa would make more sense if you have at least three to four families planning on vacationing together. Else it’s best to move into a hotel.


Cost: Rs 75000 for 3N/4D [50 local beers + 5 soft drinks free!]

Accommodates  up to 9 adults

Facilities: On call cook service, water purifier, utensils, fridge, television, washing machine, cloth drier, luxury bathrooms, 8-seater dining, barbeque & bonfire provision

Thumbs Up:

– Living like you own the palatial villa!
– No time constraints for tea or any meal
– Swimming without strangers
– Privacy & exclusivity
– Cleanliness and hygiene

Thumbs Down:
– Power backup: The first night we sat without electricity for two hours straight… at night!
– Two words: Pest control.
– It would be nice if the cooks were trained on local cuisine as well.
– It would be comforting to have a security guard at night.


This is first part of Goa travelogue series. Part II will be up when our Goa hangover recedes a little. 


Abhinav Sahni is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. He quit his job in IT to pursue his love for writing and travelling.


  • purvabhatia

    Hi Sachin, we only visited the villa. You can visit the company’s website (link given above) and contact the sales team.

  • shachiin nanavati

    I am happy to see the frontage of the villa. Real nice. Couldn’t see the slide show as I do not have java scipt on my cell.

    I was impressed by the comment of the client. He seemed very happy.

    We are a group of six couples…12 persons. Do u have a villa with 6 bedrooms. This one says. …good for 9 peesons.

    I have never stayed at villa. I intend to this New Years Eve.

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