Flying saucer review

Break a dish at The Flying Saucer Cafe

If you are a foodie living in Delhi, you probably must have been to The Flying Saucer in Nehru Place. The restaurant has recently opened another outlet in the bustling sector 29 of Gurgaon. Here’s a review by Purva G. Mittal.

Gurugram’s sector 29 is slowly becoming one of the most happening spots in NCR. This time on our radar for review is The Flying Saucer Café. A lounge with a distinctive name to itself, if you ask me I would personally associate the name with the tradition of smashing saucers by Greeks on celebratory occasions.

This is a restaurant with an interesting name and even impressive décor although with nothing in common. The whole setting is divided into comfortable couches and fancy lightings.


The ambience is appropriate for a date night out with a special someone or chugging beers with your office enemies turned into best-friends or a high end kitty party. You can just leave the worries at the door step and walk out with freshly generated energy from there.

Food and drinks

Flying saucer review

We started our trip to foodgasm with “The Bombay Mashed Croissant”, “The Dal Makhani Arancini” and “The Carprioska” to quench our parched throats. Bombay mashed croissant, your routine recipe of Vada Pav in fancy coloured buns and an interesting garnish of green chilly. While Arancini is an Italian dish where rice balls filled with meat, peas and mozzarella are deep fried, literally translating to “little orange balls”. The chef has done an incredible job by replacing the filling with our favourite indigenous dal makhni twist. The styling of Punjabi-flavoured bombs seems completed with rolled papad at the top.

So far so good, next on our table was Mezze Platter which wasn’t a value for money dish. It was delectable indeed but I will not order it again. If you aren’t well versed with taste of this middle-eastern dish, then you too can give it a miss. The disappointment was covered well by “The Chinese Bento Box”, like the name suggests, the dish comes in a form of mystery box. A mystery of Chinese flavours waiting to be unravelled. The curry and noodles melts in your mouth. The dip and salad are a wonderful accompaniment. It is a full meal for someone with a light appetite. A must try for any mushroom lover is “The Stuffed Tandoori Mushroom Two Ways”. Ironically enough, only one way to gulp and only one word to speak, “Fantastic”.

Sweet endings

The food journey till here was fulfilling. Now, I was moving ahead to the most important phase of my foodventure. Did you say desserts? No. DESSSERTSSS! My 28 inch waist might say otherwise but my famished soul wanted to order the entire dessert menu. Finally, we zeroed in on “The Jalebi Cigar Rolls” and “Ice-Cream Martini”. Both the dishes were joy to the soul. My heart that beats in my stomach couldn’t stop thanking me. I was obliged. Although, I wouldn’t like to comment on the sentiments of my jeans that felt a little tighter.

Cost for two: Rs 1600

Location: SCO 28, Main Market, Sector 29, Gurgaon

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