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Fitness Tips: 5 Ways To Detox After The Holiday Season

Looking for ways to detox your system? Munmun Ganeriwal shares how to get back on track after indulging on vacation, holiday season, or after festivities. 

Ate too much during the festivities and the holiday season? Fret not! Here are some simple tips to detoxify and cleanse your system.

1. Coconut water 

Excessive eating along with alcoholic drinks & sleep deprivation ends up in ruining your gut flora and the intestinal mucus. Rich in enzymes and electrolytes, coconut water acts as a digestive tonic, feeds friendly gut flora, keeps dehydration away, relieves you of acidity & constipation and in short, will help your intestines repair and recover. Drink fresh coconut water as an afternoon mid-meal and do eat it’s malai too!

2. Amla

The liver is our first line of defence against all sorts of toxins. Traditional Ayurveda has long used chawanprash to improve and regulate liver function. It is, therefore, one of the best ways to detox. Rich in antioxidants, amla is the ultimate immune booster your body needs to protect itself from catching any infections. A glass of chawanprash milk at bedtime will boost your immunity and help you recover from fatigue and tiredness. Or you may simply start your day with a delicious dose of amla murabba.

3. Rice

 The “resistant” starch found in rice ferments in the colon into short chain fatty acids (SCFA) and thereby promotes the growth of good or probiotic bacteria in the gut. Eating traditional preparations like khichdi kadhi/ rice congee etc. for dinner will hence, help you ease bloating, ensure you wake up feeling lighter and also shed the unwanted weight that you may have put on during festivities.

4. Early Dinner

 Eating dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime will allow enough time for digestion to occur, induce sound sleep and reduce the chance of waking up tired, bloated or acidic the next morning. In short, you would be all set to take the busy day head on!

5. Sleep

Good sleep purge the body of toxins and is imperative for healing. Shut all gadgets (phone/ TV etc.) an hour before going to bed, massage some warm til oil or ghee on the soles of your feet and hit the sack no later than 10 pm.



About the Author:

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Munmun Ganeriwal, founder of Yuktahaar is a Nutritionist & Fitness Consultant. She is India’s only professional to have acquired both a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Science and International Certification of Health Fitness Instructor from the American College of Sports Medicine. Over the last 15 years, she has worked as a Nutrition and Exercise Consultant with a diverse set of clients from all walks of life. 

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