Take Inspiration From this Couple for Travelling with a Toddler!

how to travel with a kid

“Anaaya started standing when we were in Goa in September 2015. She started walking & running in Jan 2016 when we took our trip to South East Asia. She started talking nonstop in Sri Lanka in December 2016.” Little Anaaya is just 2.5-year-old and has already travelled probably more than you have! Her parents Urvashi and Jiten Bhatia are full of travel […]

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How to Stay Fit When You ‘Have to’ Eat Out Regularly

Shilpa Shetty fitness

Being a travel and food writer, my safe excuse for not being able to lose weight is that I “have” to eat out often! Luke Coutinho, Celebrity & Holistic Nutritionist, hears this excuse almost everyday. Needless to say, he has excellent answers and tips for staying fit while eating out and partying. Luke, who is MD, Alternative Medicine and Founder, PureNutrition, shares […]

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