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The saddest days of my life are when my maid ditches me. Not every time do we feel like feasting on the greasy butter chicken from the neighbouring market. How I have wished for a service to be able to order a simple homemade meal from somewhere. seems to be an answer to my prayers! For someone like me, who has zero interest in cooking, this is truly a blessing. Blue Sky Dreamers get you an interview with Prateek Agarwal, Co-Founder, Read on to find more…
BlueSkyDreamers (BSD): What exactly is BiteClub? Tell us about the concept.

Prateek: Bite Club is a Gurgaon-based chef-designed virtual restaurant  offering affordable home-style wholesome meals handmade by an expert community of chefs using the freshest ingredients. The guilt-free meals, desserts, and drinks are delivered straight from the kitchens of home chefs, recipe bloggers, ex-restaurateurs, professional chefs and many more.

Bite Club lauds good and interesting food featuring a daily rotating lunch and dinner menu of sumptuous meals, desserts and drinks designed and prepared by chefs who promise innovation and variety with every meal.

We have a community of 100+ chefs spanning home chefs, recipe bloggers, ex- restaurateurs, professional chefs and many more. It delivers guilt-free meals, desserts and drinks straight from their personal kitchens based on a revenue sharing agreement with the chefs.

We work on a revenue sharing agreement with the chefs. They earn on a per meal basis. They handle the cooking part and we handle everything else. It is like running your own restaurant through us. We take care of marketing, order management, packaging and delivery for the chef.

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BSD: Interesting. What made you come up with this concept? How did the idea come about?

Prateek: We could have worked on any problem but we chose food because we ourselves face the same problem which everybody else does. Access to good, delicious, simple food is way too difficult and inconvenient in the current setup. At least half the time, I am left with a bad experience when I order food. All the current models don’t make effective use of resources and technology. Is it really that hard? Surely, it’s not rocket science.

The underlying reason why everyone thinks of opening their own food startup/restaurant/etc. is that everybody believes they can do a better job than what is currently happening… that there are gaps in the current system which can be closed, if right systems are put in place.

Why chefs? We like the power of crowd sourcing. Some of the best businesses have become big because they went to the crowd. It makes all the more sense when you are dealing with food industry in India:

In this industry, food is the hero and it can be very subjective. It makes more sense for a network of known experts to decide what you should eat instead of just 2-3 people behind closed doors. It also ensures innovation in recipes and more variety

BSD: So who are the chefs associated with you? How do you select…what’s the criteria?

Prateek: It is a platform compiling a curated community of 100+ chefs spanning professional chefs, home chefs, recipe bloggers & ex- restaurateurs. We are strict when it comes to on boarding new chefs, and judge them on various factors like passion, ambition, production capacity, availability etc. We also conduct a tasting session where we sample 6-8 dishes. Our food team has the final say on the decision making process.

BSD: What should one do to become one of the chefs working for Bite Club?

Prateek: Those interested can fill up the online form on our website – The link to the form is –


BSD: How has the response been so far? Who is your clientele at present?

Prateek: The product is available via Android, iOS or web app. The Android App has almost 10,000 downloads, increasing by almost 200 every day. The recently released iOS app has more than a 1000 downloads.

We are at the intersection of a rapidly urbanizing India (increasing consumerism & time poverty, women are getting busier), people are getting richer (higher disposable income makes more people willing to eat out & experiment) and high mobile penetration (mobile is making it easier to eat out & order in). All of this is causing a very aggressive growth in the food delivery segment.

BSD: Where all the service available at present? What are your future plans?

Prateek:  Within six months of its dawn, Bite Club has remarkably served over 28000 meals to 2000+ customers.

We started out with meals in the premium category, and expanded to the economy/pocket meals category. We also added desserts & drinks to the menu. On the product side, we launched with a native Android app. We are now present across all platforms – web, Android & iOS – with a native presence on each. We’re serving over 2800 meals a day now.

We have already expanded our services in areas of south Delhi. We would be expanding to Noida very soon, and enter other cities soon thereafter.

Sounds fabulous! Thank you Prateek, for talking to us and for launching this brilliant service along with your team. We are for sure going to be using this app frequently 🙂 Readers, what do you think? 

Purva is the co-founder of Blue Sky Dreamers. A journalist with 11 years of experience, she also freelances as a content writer & editor.

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  • Shikhar

    I placed an order Dinner from Biteclub through website and my order no. s #BC66976.i received

    food and on that time feeling was very hungry, and when i finished my half food seen home fly

    in my food, then i started vometting and take medicine, i dont think bite club chef are

    expert chef and biteclub food is hygienic food, becuz this types of food is totally

    unhygienic, and it could be harmful to anybody..biteclub kitchen is very bad for people

    health, i wanna file a complaint against bite club and his chef also for serving this kind of


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