Fitness Tips: 5 Ways To Detox After The Holiday Season

ways to detox

Looking for ways to detox your system? Munmun Ganeriwal shares how to get back on track after indulging on vacation, holiday season, or after festivities.  Ate too much during the festivities and the holiday season? Fret not! Here are some simple tips to detoxify and cleanse your system. 1. Coconut water  Excessive eating along with alcoholic drinks & sleep deprivation […]

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Top Excuses for Not Exercising and How to Beat Them

Exercise motivation

You can either have an exercise excuse or fitness results. You can’t have both. Luke Coutinho, MD Alternative Medicine & Founder,, hears various excuses for not staying fit. And he has answers for all of them! He shares with us top fitness excuses and ways to beat them. Losing weight is a serious commitment and requires extreme honesty with […]

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Travel Tips: How to stay vigilant when travelling in Southeast Asia

travel tips southeast asia

Southeast Asia is arguably the most popular region in the entire world with travellers. Boasting unparalleled natural beauty and swathes of culture throughout, there’s no reason to miss out travelling to SE Asia. But you’ll need to stay vigilant and look out for certain risks on your holiday. Here are some travel tips to keep you safe and secure during […]

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How to Stay Fit When You ‘Have to’ Eat Out Regularly

Shilpa Shetty fitness

Being a travel and food writer, my safe excuse for not being able to lose weight is that I “have” to eat out often! Luke Coutinho, Celebrity & Holistic Nutritionist, hears this excuse almost everyday. Needless to say, he has excellent answers and tips for staying fit while eating out and partying. Luke, who is MD, Alternative Medicine and Founder, PureNutrition, shares […]

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