Food at Amreli Delhi

Amreli, Chanakyapuri: It’s All About Fusion

There’s something quite soothing about Hotel Diplomat. May be it’s the ‘white’ or perhaps the fact that the historic hotel is still so alive. Or perhaps the way the landmark hotel is “secreted” on such a popular boulevard.  

I have happy memories of dining here when the restaurant was Olive Beach. The space is now called Amreli. There is curious novelty is this eatery, conceptualized by Siddhant Lamba (whose family owns the hotel).

At a time where all new joints are aiming for the chic, happening look, Amreli portrays a very relaxed, laid back appeal. The art and décor is unlike your usual run-of-the-mill fine-dining restaurants.

Food at Amreli Delhi

The colonial feel of the hotel, the lawn, the swing, all set the tone of a comfortable yet elegant experience. I can say that the sights make an excellent appetizer. I could hardly wait to put my taste buds to work. The table welcomed me with a small pack of warm peanuts. So as you wait for someone to attend to you (which is not a very long time interval), grab some nuts and nibble away while the sun shines on your face.

However, if you’re one for logic, you might find the place a little queer. For starters, there isn’t any real reason behind naming the place Amreli. The owner just liked the real place so much, he named his joint so. Also, the feel is very English yet the food compass is pointing southwards. The décor is clearly Sidhant Lamba’s stint at Inchbald and Sotheby’s London’s doing. The interiors are splendid but lack of fusion of the name, décor, and cuisines does leave one curious.

That being said, it’s the “fusion” cuisine that takes away all your confusion about the place. The menu is done by Chef Sabyasachi Gorai aka Chef Saby, who is popular for his quirky cooking styles. His expertise combined with Chef Amit Naithani’s skills, present a menu that spells diversity.

Amreli sole meen moilee
Sole Meen Moilee is one of the must-try dishes at Amreli 

Clearly, Amreli is all about fusion. Where else would you get a galouti burger? The menu appeals to all palettes with an inclination towards south Indian cuisine. The arranged menu consisted of quinoa salad, tomato shorba (simple and delicious), mutton raan, keema eggs benedict, laalmaas, sole meen moilee (highly recommended), mutton biryani, egg appam (unique and flavoursome), crème brule, carrot cake and lemon meringue. These along with Fratelli Classic Merlot made for a lovely winter brunch.

Amreli scores high on presentation. Each dish is as delectable as it looks. The food looks appealing and tingles the taste buds with your eyes first. In fact, the whole Amreli experience is about savouring with your eyes and then letting your other senses in on the gastronomical treat. While the main food and drinks menu have a lot of options, I wish there were more surprises for desserts.

Overall, Amreli offers a refreshing experience. We recommend Amreli for something different, fresh and (confusingly) unique.


Address: 9, Sardar Patel Marg, Diplomatic enclave

Phone: 011 46050200

Seating: 48 (inside), 12 (bar) and 50 (outside)

Average Meal for two approx.: Rs. 1400-1600 (without alcohol)



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