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A Poetic Trip to the Vineyards

To be amazed by innumerable stars on a dark night

To be amused by the setting sun bathing in orange light 

To be vowed, thrilled, enthused…and then hushed

To forget all the madness, chaos and exasperating rush 

To stare outside the window and gather thoughts

But not write a word, just untangle the knots 

To be silenced, to be hushed,

To be vowed and be here & now…

wine tour india

It takes wisdom of a lifetime,

But sometimes…

Just a glass of wine. 


A good poem reveals nuances each time you read it, just like good wine that opens up slowly and gradually. While the above lines (which I wrote sitting by the windowpane in the Yellow room at Fratelli Vineyards) do not make for great poetry, wines by Fratelli most certainly do! Our trip to the vineyards in Akluj, Maharashtra last week was out and out poetic. A detailed post to inspire you to make a visit will follow soon. For now, here’s some visual inspiration…

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