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10 Things You Will Get If You Are A Born Foodie

Does just hearing about food make you go like…

If yes, then my friend, you are a born foodie. When you love food more than anything else and can eat food at any point of time, then you can totally relate to the following situations compiled by a self-confessed foodie, Sumedha Bhatia:

1. You never know where your monthly money supply vanished, that too so quickly!


You spend money on food without even thinking of the budget constraints. Towards the end of the month (in fact middle of it) you wonder where did your money fly?

2. You have a major ‘Snack Food Corner’ somewhere in your house for sure.


Where do you keep your chips, chocolates, and other snacks you love? Obviously, at one place, your favourite place in the house- a major snack food corner. Don’t you love flaunting it off in front of others? 😉

3. Instant Noodles always come to your rescue and becomes a midnight snack partner.


Whenever hunger pangs hit you after midnight, maggi goes all the way. No matter whether you know cooking or not, you definitely know how to make the perfect maggi. All hail the makers of instant noodles!

  1. You never understand the difference between being bored, and being hungry.


When you are bored and have nothing to do, you always assume that you need food. And obviously, you end up acting hungry and eat a lot.


  1. Your college days got you into trouble, because food swings make you lose a lot of attendance.


Laziness may have stopped you from going to college, but it never stopped you from visiting and trying a new food outlet. Not only this, but also, getting low attendance due to bunking for food, also never scared you. Because, come on, how can you miss on food time?

  1. Dieting is not your thing.


No matter how many times you tried, or felt motivated, you couldn’t even complete one day of dieting. If you want to lose weight for an occasion, you always prefer to exercise or walk or run or whatever, dieting is never an option.

  1.  24/7 stores excite you.

To meet your demands at the odd hours, 24/7 stores are always there to serve you. What else do you wish for?

  1. Your phone is full of food apps

Feeling too lazy to make food? Hah. Don’t you worry. Because, you have these life saving apps to save you from the hunger attacks you get.

  1. You hear this from your friends everyday: “Yaar tu kitna khaati/khaata hai?!”


Your friends are tired of your tantrums to visit food places every second day and fed up of your hundreds of food snaps you share everyday on snapchat. So one or the other keeps on stopping such habits. Meanwhile, you try to explain them having food is your birthright, and you shall have it, no?

  1. But you definitely act as a food guide for all your friends.


No matter how much everyone taunts you for your food habits, at the end, they come to you to ask famous and yummy food spots! Be it the venue for their upcoming birthday parties, or just some hangout plans, you know them all.


Did these situations made you go through every single point you experience as foodie? Comment and tell us with which one of these did you relate to the most?

Happy eating!



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